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Produced in controlled environment

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Gravies & Dry Veg
  • Remove the lid and heat in microwave for 2 min
  • Stir the ingredients and heat again for 2 min (till lumps dissolve)
  • Stir and enjoy
With Sauce Pan
  • Keep the container out of the freezer 1 hr before eating
  • Heat the pan on medium flame and add 1/2 tsp ghee, butter or any other cooking oil
  • Empty the contents into the pan (medium flame)
  • Heat and stir till lumps dissolve
  • Dry roast on tawa/pan for 2 min on medium flame
  • Apply Ghee/ Oil/ Butter and flip
  • Heat for 2 more min (till it turns golden brown)
Moong Dal Halwa
  • Remove lid and heat in microwave for 2 min
  • Stir and heat for 1 more min, if lumps prevail

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At FoodGinie, We believe "We are what we eat".

Living life in the fast lane often comes with limited access to healthy and tasty daily food. Driven by love, care and an intent to solve fooding for millennials, we strive to make every single bite, home like.

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